Wondering how to grow hair fast? So are millions of other people. Whether youre experiencing hair loss, or just want longer, thicker hair, there are many different ways that you can grow hair fast, often using ingredients you may already have sitting in your refrigerator.

Hair growth starts down in hair follicles, in the scalp. Many people apply hair treatments to their existing hair, hoping that this will cause their hair to grow faster and thicker. Unfortunately, hair strands themselves are composed of dead protein, so anything that is simply applied to hair wont be able to reach the areas that it needs to in order to stimulate growth. Growing healthy hair means maintaining a healthy scalp, and there are some ingredients that people can use to help keep their scalps healthy and well-fed, and encourage the growth of healthy new hair.

The scalp needs some things in order to produce healthy hair- oil to stay moisturized, proteins to build hair strands, and good blow flow to ensure that follicles stay nourished and has any accumulated cellular waste flushed out of them regularly. To start with, therefore, healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp, a healthy scalp is produced by a healthy body, and a healthy body comes from a healthy diet. A good intake of unsaturated fats, like olive oil, canola oil, and fish oils, and lean protein from eggs, fish, poultry, or beans and seeds will give your body the building blocks that it needs to create healthy, strong hair.

Even if youre eating a good diet, however, it isnt enough if your scalp isnt getting enough attention. This can be remedied by using different scalp treatments, particularly ones that help the scalp stay moisturized externally, and promote more blood flow to the area. Home made hair masks using avocado puree, mayonnaise, olive oil, jojoba oil, or other moisturizing fats can help greatly, especially if they are combined with things like mustard seed, cayenne, or other ingredients that have a “warming” effect. These ingredients stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin, and can make it easier to ensure that enough blood reaches hair follicles. Daily brushing is also important to keep the scalp stimulated. People who want know how to grow hair fast should start by buying a natural bristle brush, especially one made with wooden bristles, and brush their hair. Their strokes should start at the roots of hair, and act like a scalp massage while they brush. This will help evenly distribute natural hair oils along existing hair strands, keeping them moisturized, and encourage circulation to the surface of the scalp.

By combining a good diet with good hygiene and regular scalp maintenance, anyone can grow hair quickly. Best of all, their hair will be stronger, shinier, and far healthier than it would be otherwise. If youre wondering how to grow hair fast, then beginning with a good diet, adding scalp treatments, and using the right brushes is a great start.