The Royal Artemis Medical Centre is located in a quiet residential area with easy access to the main tourist zone of Paphos

In service for 25 years, the Royal Artemis Medical Centre is a private clinic providing first class medical care to both local residents and visitors from overseas.

It offers 54 well-appointed and fully equipped rooms, complying with the standards of a first class clinic. Twenty-four hours reception facilities and multilingual doctors, nurses and staff ensure the comfort of patients and relatives alike.

A Public Relations Executive is always available to work as a liason between the patients, doctors and insurance companies and to take care of the needs, worried and questions of the patients and their families.

The need to visit a hospital is always stressful especially in a foreign country and therefore all the staff at the Royal Medical Centre speak English and are dedicated to making the patients stay at the clinic as stress free as possible.

The medical Centre also has 5 modern ambulances equipped with all the required paramedic utensils and a team of doctors is on call 24 hours for home visits.


A large team of doctors, nurses and supporting personnel specialized in different medical fields are always available.

Medical Fields
» Pathology » Nephrology (Kidney Dialysis Unit) » Plastic cosmetic surgery » Paediatrics » Ophthalmology » E.N.T. » Urology » Dental
» Cardiology » Surgery » Orthopaedics » Gynaecology » Neurology » Dermatology » Microbiology » X-Ray

Their knowledge and experience make the framework of the full range of medical services that Royal Artemis Medical Centre offers.

Personal Attention

All of our doctors are available 24 hours in case of emergency and have their own offices for private consultations. Personal approach is considered a priority and all the doctors share this ideology.

They are dedicated to their work, and take pride in treating every patient as an individual. They make sure that the patients and their relatives feel comfortable and understand fully the remedial treatments followed.


The medical equipment is continuously updated and purchased according to the latest therapies available, which results in a non-stop improvement of the Centre’s facilities.

The Centre’s laboratory has the machines necessary to run a full check up in a matter of minutes without wasting time that can be precious in case of an emergency

The same applies to the X-ray department and its modern devices.

Our clinic meets the International Standard EN ISO 9001:2000 which means that we comply with international standards as regards the provision of medical and laboratory services including the requirements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) as well as the International Standard EN ISO 14001:2004. This means that our Clinic conforms to the international requirements for the provision of medical and laboratory services.

The Royal Artemis Medical Centre, Pavlou Crineou Street, Pafos, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 26961600 / Fax: +357 26963670
Email: [email protected]